Find your next Collectible Flea Market

Treasures can often be found at flea markets. What are you collecting?

For years people have enjoyed the hunt of finding that new collectible to add to there collection. Collectors today are enjoying so many different items from long time favorites of books, coins, sport cards, comics, glass marbles, toy trains and more. Today the younger generation have lacked on to this great hobby of America.

New hobby collectors have gone after items like video games, vinyl records, Japanese anime just to name a few. Find your new deals at Flea Markets and enjoy the hunt in person for your collectibles.

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Early bird buyers getting the deals?

Is it worth paying the dealer fee to be first in line?

Many collectors and dealers find that the earlier you get to a flea market the better. Many dealers whom set up at the flea market are also the ones running around trying to find items to buy and resell that same day. You are in competition of them, however you too have the right to buy items. The negative factor in getting to the flea market so early is many vendors don't have everything unpacked. Some vendors purposely leave boxes on the truck or in the car for later to put out to sell to customers at a hopeful higher price.